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Fee List

    This page lists our services and prices. For specific information please see the page related to the service you are interested in.    

    Adjustment  : $40-55

    *Depending on the number of areas adjusted.    

    Examination (H&P):  $50-125

  *History and spinal exam performed with new patients or patients presenting with a new injury related to a work claim and auto claim.  

  *Re-exams taken with patients not seen for two (2) or more years.  

    Acupuncture:  $50

    Ultrasound  : $17   

        Interferential Stimulation:  $18   

   Active Release Technique:  $39

      Massage Therapy   

  30 minutes: $50

  45 minutes: $75

    60 minutes: $85

90 minutes : $115

     *Massage Therapy gift certificates are available!     

    Of note, health insurance companies no longer accept billing for massage therapy services.  Therapeutic sessions (15, 30, & 45 minutes) can be billed to auto or work compensation insurance when prescribed by a chiropractor or medical doctor to treat injuries sustained in an automobile accident or work incident.    

    DOT/ICC Physical:  $160 (due at the time of service)   

    School Sports Physical  : $50


  Pillo-Pedic: $48  

  TriCore: $42  

     Lumbar Back Support:   $47 - 56   

     Cold Pack    *Gel pack can be used cold or hot!     

  6" x 10": $14.00  

  10" x 13": $18.00  


  32 ounce pump: $69  

  16 ounce pump: $49  

  4 ounce tube: $14

  3 ounce roll on: $14

  T.E.N.S. Units are available for purchase or rent. You can also purchase re-useable electrodes if needed.  

  For those interested, we do fit patients for custom orthotics.  We use Marathon Orthotics.  These start at $180 per pair.  They typically take a 7-10 days to process once received.  Some insurance companies will help cover the cost of orthotics.  We reserve the right to request payment prior to ordering in some instances.  

  *We also carry various dietary supplements including vitamins, minerals, and herbal products from  Metagenics, Nutri-Dyn and Standard Process  

  We do offer prepay plans. They are great for people who currently do not have insurance or have high deductibles.  If you decide to sign up for a plan, the treatments provided during the contract period are not billable to any health insurance. Ask a provider or staff member about these plans if you are interested.  

  We do accept cash, personal checks and debit/credit cards including Visa, MasterCard and Discover as payment for services and products not covered by health insurance plans.  

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